Carpet Flooring

Carpet is warm, comfortable and quiet, as well as economical. It can help you clearly define the mood of the room through your choice of colours and textures, setting a formal, elegant tone or a cozy casualness. With proper care, your carpet will add luxurious warmth and beauty to your home for many years.

• Cable
  Cable carpets are characterized by fat, nubby yarns that lend a touch of luxury to a casual setting.

• Cut and Loop
  Cut and loop carpets combine cut and uncut loops to make a pattern. With an explosive number of unique   geometric and overall patterns, this style is suited for both formal and contemporary settings.

• Frieze
  Highly twisted yarns give frieze carpets a contemporary look and make them a smart choice for any active part   of your home. Best of all, they're less likely to show vacuum marks or footprints than other cut pile styles.

• Loop
  Loop carpets are marked by a continuous uncut surface that resists crushing and matting. These carpets wear   well and are suited for casual rooms with lots of traffic and activity.

• Saxony
  Similar to velvets, but not quite as smooth. It’s a soft texture created by twisting yarns tightly, then straightening   them with heat. It retains foot and vacuum marks.

• Shag
  Bolder and more stylish than what you remember, the new shags often combine a variety of yarn thicknesses   and textures to make a trendy and bold design statement in your home.

• Textured Saxony
  Textured carpets are great for any room and available in the widest range of colors. Whereas a Saxony has   
  distinctly visible tufts that stand straight up in a carpet, a Textured Saxony has had those tufts ‘bent’ to add
  texture to them; this also means that the tufts reflect light, creating the distinctive Textured Saxony look.

• Velvet / Plush
  Smooth, soft and elegant. The carpet pile is cut several times to create a luxurious, velvety sheen that shows   every footprint. It’s ideal for formal areas such as living rooms.

When purchasing carpet, you also need to consider the underlay. Underlay is important because it absorbs up to 90% of the impact of foot traffic, and adds up to 50% to the lifespan of our carpet. It also creates a softer, more comfortable walking surface and insulates against the cold.

When purchasing carpet and underlay, ask your Carpet Superstores representative for more information.